• Studies by industry group, DALBAR, suggest that over the last 20 years
    ending in 2016, equity mutual fund investors have captured only 62% of
    the return of the U.S. stock market
    , as represented by the S&P 500
    Index. Bond investors fared even worse according to this study. The
    employees of Stringer Asset Management have dedicated their careers
    to helping investors close the gap between the opportunities that the
    financial markets present and the returns that investors actually realize.

Welcome to Stringer Asset Management

Studies suggest that investors tend to fall short of achieving the opportunities and returns presented by the financial markets. The impact of investment errors caused by the constant market noise, media-hype and uncertainty of real world economic and market events may not be realized for years.

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    Innovative flexibility
    We have the innovative flexibility to take advantage of near-term opportunities as well as to potentially identify those rare market environments when the best thing an investor can do is get out of the way.
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    Experienced Industry Leaders
    The leaders of Stringer Asset Management have decades of experience in the investment industry, working with a multitude of investor types and working within every market condition imaginable.
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    Custom Methods. Proven Results
    Our core investment beliefs are steeped in research. Having worked closely with individual investors and their advisors for years, we bridge economic theory with real-world practicality.
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    We walk the walk
    The investment professionals at Stringer Asset Management invest alongside our clients. We take pride in eating our own cooking.
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