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  • Your Success

    Is How We Measure Ours
    Studies suggest that investors tend to fall short of
    achieving the opportunities and returns presentedby the
    financial markets, according to industry group, DALBAR
  • Studies by industry group, DALBAR, suggest that
    over the last 20 years, equity mutual fund investors
    have captured only 52% of the return of the
    US stock market
    , as represented by the S&P 500 Index.
    Bond investors fared even worse according to this study.
    The members of Stringer asset management
    have dedicated our careers to helping investors
    close the gap between the opportunities that the
    financial markets present and the returns
    that investors actually realize.
  • OUR

    Managing Asset Allocation.
    The Cash Indicator.
    The Investment Journey.
    We believe that Modern Portfolio Theory
    has certain limitations which require
    additional qualitative judgments.
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