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Managing Asset Allocation

The Cash Indicator

The Investment Journey

We founded our Firm on the belief that incorporating proven allocation methodologies with lessons learned from behavioral science can lead to better outcomes.

Why Invest With Us


Our core Strategies provide a suite of easily understandable solutions for complex financial needs. Investors can see where they fall in the spectrum of available options and pinpoint the Strategy that fits their plan’s objectives.


Investors want to know that their investments are actively managed to navigate prevailing market conditions. Our dynamic process manages longer-termed strategic allocations while also tilting tactical exposures defensively or opportunistically.


Our Cash Indicator is an important component of our Strategies. It is a process designed to increase cash reserves to potentially protect their principal during extreme market downturns and reinvest at lower valuations as markets recover.

Investors tend to fall short of achieving the opportunities and returns presented by the financial markets. The impact of investment errors caused by the constant market noise, media-hype, and uncertainty of real world economic and market events may not be realized for years. We have dedicated our careers to refining our investment processes to avoid those emotional pitfalls and help you realize your financial goals.

“We believe we can help investors simply do better by incorporating lessons learned from behavioral science in addition to traditional modern portfolio theory.”

Gary Stringer

President & Chief Investment Officer


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