The Investment Journey

Our solutions are designed to meet our client's objectives and risk tolerances at each step in their journey. Their location on this journey will determine the portfolio's overall allocation to strategic, tactical and cash reserve allocations. This step is the key determinate of overall investment results.

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Our Approach

Managing Asset Allocation

The Cash Indicator

The Investment Journey

Why Invest With Us

  • Stringer Asset Management's core portfolios provide three very visual, easy to understand solutions. Our clients can see where they fall in the spectrum of available options and the well-defined portfolio that fits their plan objectives.
  • Investors want to know that during turbulent markets there is an effort to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in every market, and allows for a tilt to a more environmentally relevant asset allocation regardless of what the general market is providing in terms of returns.
  • Our clients demand a strategy that attempts to protect their assets during extreme market downturns. The Cash Indicator (CI) offers a well-defined methodology to get out of the way during outlier events and back in when the markets begin to normalize. Importantly, the CI takes the emotion out of the decision making process.

Manage the risk and the returns take care of themselves.

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