Our Firm

What began as a concept inside a large brokerage firm more than a decade ago has ultimately become Stringer Asset Management. To this day, we remain acutely aware that we manage money for real people in real time. Every dollar trusted to us represents the goals and dreams of many individuals and families, and we will never lose sight of that fact.

We don’t simply define risk, everything we do is viewed through the lens of risk. In fact, we focus on risk management as much as the returns because we believe that when you manage the risk, the returns take care of themselves.

Our group of investment professionals are dedicated to helping advisors and investors close the gap between the opportunities that the financial markets present and the returns they actually realize. Our core investment beliefs are aligned closely with current research and proven diversification methodologies, and our forward-thinking process marries behavioral finance, modern portfolio theory, and real-world practicality as we employ a robust, three-layered risk management process.

With decades of experience in the investment industry, working with a multitude of investor types and within every market condition imaginable, we measure our success by the success of the advisors we partner with and the investors they serve.

Team Members

Gary Stringer, CFA
President, Chief Investment Officer
Kim Escue, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager | CFO
Chad Keller, CFP®
Portfolio Manager | COO | CCO
Jonathan Bernstein, CIMA®
Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing
Regan Wall
South East Regional Sales Director
Kait Dowling
Senior Internal Consultant


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