Tactical Asset Allocation


As a complement to our 3-to-5-year strategic asset allocation, we incorporate our 6- to 18-month tactical allocation. We believe that tactically managing a portion of the allocation, either opportunistically or defensively, given the prevailing market environment can add significant value. In fact, all of our core Strategies include a ~25% tactical allocation.

Our Innovative Approach: Our Strategic - Tactical Combination

To address the inherent shortcomings of traditional static asset allocation, we focus on a ~75%/25% combination of a 3- to 5- year strategic outlook and a 6- to 18-month tactical outlook.

Our Tactical Difference

The inclusion of this tactical component potentially helps us overcome behavioral biases while further refining our exposures to reflect our outlook. We believe that there are opportunities in markets around the globe to either express optimism or exercise caution.


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