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Innovations In Asset Allocation – Core Risk Managed Solutions
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The Stringer Difference

We believe we can help investors do better by incorporating valuable lessons learned from behavioral finance with our innovative allocation approach.

Why Invest With Us

Three Layers of Risk Management


Strategic Asset Allocation

We believe sound portfolio construction begins with strategic asset allocation. Our innovative allocation process is designed to overcome behavioral biases while dynamically managing exposures to reflect our outlook.


Tactical Asset Allocation

We manage risk tactically over the short-term by investing across a broad array of themes and asset classes including cash. We can either invest opportunistically or defensively depending on the environment.


Cash Indicator

This process is designed to potentially protect assets from extreme market downturns and create a cash reserve for reinvestment at more attractive valuations.

Risk Managed Solutions

Managing real money, for real people, in real time has led us to create multiple solutions to meet the needs of investors no matter where they are in their investment journey.

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Recent Articles & Insights

Protecting Against a Lost Decade

Looking back at the S&P 500 Index in 2023, the return of the Index was dominated by a small number of mega cap stocks termed the magnificent seven. While these stocks accounted for a significant portion of the overall return, many investors will look at that experience and try to draw all sorts of conclusions. One might decide that investing alongside the S&P 500 Index makes the most sense in the hopes that similar performance will repeat. On the other hand, it’s possible that avoiding the magnificent seven entirely and simply owning the other 493 stocks in the Index will have the highest probability of success. What does history tell us and how can that potentially lead us to better outcomes?
Feb 2024

The Powell Pivot

Previously, our biggest concern for the outlook of the economy had been that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) would keep short-term interest rates too high for too long. With Chairman Powell’s recent press conference and the release of the Fed’s “dot plot” at the conclusion of the latest Fed meeting, the Fed appears to have shifted to a more dovish stance. Though uncertainties and risks remain, we think the Powell Pivot is good news for the economy and increases the likelihood of continued economic growth.
Dec 2023

The Holidays Are A Gift: 2023 Update

The holidays are a time when family and friends tend to congregate at the family home. Your clients get to see those children, grandchildren, and relatives who travel in from around the country. In some cases, they are cooped up for the week or more with not much else to do except enjoy family and friends. What an opportunity to call on clients and offer to take them and their kids for a holiday lunch or breakfast. This is certainly not the time to pull out the financial plan, but what a time to get to know the extended family of your best clients with whom you have built a warm and trusting relationship. After years of hearing prideful stories about the kids and grandkids, it’s about time you got to meet them.
Nov 2023

Communication is at the heart of our process.

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