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Innovations In Asset Allocation – Core Risk Managed Solutions
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The Stringer Difference

We believe we can help investors do better by incorporating valuable lessons learned from behavioral finance with our innovative allocation approach.

Why Invest With Us

Three Layers of Risk Management


Strategic Asset Allocation

We believe sound portfolio construction begins with strategic asset allocation. Our innovative allocation process is designed to overcome behavioral biases while dynamically managing exposures to reflect our outlook.


Tactical Asset Allocation

We manage risk tactically over the short-term by investing across a broad array of themes and asset classes including cash. We can either invest opportunistically or defensively depending on the environment.


Cash Indicator

This process is designed to potentially protect assets from extreme market downturns and create a cash reserve for reinvestment at more attractive valuations.

Risk Managed Solutions

Managing real money, for real people, in real time has led us to create multiple solutions to meet the needs of investors no matter where they are in their investment journey.

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Recent Articles & Insights

Commercial Real Estate: Opportunities Below The Surface

This year’s narrow equity market has been a great example of how a broad index is not always perfectly representative of the constituents that make up that index. Some sectors are likely overpriced while others represent significant value. Uncovering the opportunities and balancing the potential risk in markets like this requires a deep analysis beyond a broad index. - Market volatility often leads to opportunities as asset classes, sectors, and securities can become mispriced or overlooked. - Volatility in the CMBS market has created opportunities for active managers that can add value through sector and security selection. - With nearly 50% of the outstanding CMBS falling into the office and retail space, using an actively managed product for CMBS exposure can help mitigate risk. - The flexibility of active bets within the portfolio allows for tilts to stronger performing sectors and securities that offer value. We believe the addition of actively managed CMBS exposure can help diversify a fixed income allocation and provide an attractive yield with less interest rate risk.
Nov 2023

Why Holding or Moving to Cash Now May Be a Losing Proposition

While money market and Treasury Bill rates look attractive and deserve an allocation in a diversified portfolio, overweighting them too much and forgoing opportunities elsewhere may result in regret in the not-too-distant future. Diversified intermediate- and longer-duration high quality fixed income offer compelling income and potential capital appreciation opportunities. Additionally, dividend income from high quality equities is more attractive than it has been in some time so investors should also consider allocating to that area of the market.
Oct 2023

Why Investors are Betting Against History and How We Can Avoid It

Don't bet against history! It's important to recognize that recent broad based equity market gains have been driven by a limited number of companies. It's what we call a narrow market rally. As a result, the Russell 1000 Growth Index is trading at a 25% premium to its 10-year average, where those valuations now look stretched. Market history shows that valuations eventually matter and once mean reversion kicks in, those market laggards can quickly become leaders. Rather than betting against history, we have been increasingly allocating to fundamental strength in the value style as well as dividend payers that have lagged this year’s market rally. All it takes is a little bit of patience to reap what history suggests will be excellent investment opportunities ahead.
Aug 2023

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